5 Awesome Things That Are Killing Us as We Speak (PHOTOS)

jumpingIt's the year 2013. And the world is filled with amazing stuff. Every which way we turn, there are things, objects, material items that make our lives exponentially more convenient, easier, and faster. But guess what? These amazing things are slowly, steadily, and stealthily killing us.

Not to be a bummer here, guys, but we're all dying. Each day we're a little bit closer to death. And these 5 things are only speeding up that process. Womp womp.

Image via Tim Pannell/Corbis

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lalab... lalaboosh

I try to weed out the carcinogens in my life one by one so it's not overwhelming. AC makes me feel sick, so I avoid using it anyway. I make my own deodorant (I use the angry chicken deodorant recipe, you can Google it. I sub 1ttablespoon shea butter for 1 tablespoon coconut oil). I don't own an electric blanket.

I wish people would stop saying that everything causes cancer, because it doesn't. That is a defeatist attitude. Carcinogens cause cancer and we can do something about these products that contain carcinogens.

Sarah... SarahHall58

Hey people guess what LIFE IS KILLING US. You start dying the day you're born. Just live. Geez.

nonmember avatar does it matter?

Your article is clearly wrong and spreads misinformation. You state "definately" killing but even admit to no clear causal link in some of the extra info. All of the items (BPA, EMF, CellPhones...) have not been show to cause cancer. Just for example http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/no-carrying-your-cell-phone-in-your-bra-will-not-cause-breast-cancer-no-matter-what-dr-oz-says/ Please reevaluate your position to coincide with the scientific, evidence-based consensus. :)

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