Snooki's Booze-Filled Breastmilk Was the Wake-Up Call She Needed

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Many of us who wasted far too many hours of our youth on self-destructive behaviors can recall one particular instance -- an Aha! moment, if you will -- that forced us to sit up and take stock of our potentially downward spiralling lives. For Snooki, this wake-up call came in the form of one scary night after the birth of her son Lorenzo when she went out clubbing. The new mom had to take a break from partying to pump, as the "entire front of her dress was soaked" (we've all been there, right ladies?). That's when she got an alarming surprised: “I could smell the sake bombs in the bottle,” she writes in her new book, “Baby Bumps: From Party Girl to Proud Mama, and All the Messy Milestones Along the Way.”

“My milk was so full of alcohol, I could have used it to start a bonfire in the yard. I could have cleaned the toilet with it.”

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Yikes. Naturally, her fiancé and Lorenzo’s dad, Jionni LaValle, was less than thrilled to hear about her wild night -- the details of which she confessed via text message, though the two were sitting next to each other on the couch at the time. Snooki typed:

“I blacked out last night and made out with Jenni.”

To which Jionni replied:
“You’re a coward and a horrible mother and fiancée ... Pack your bags and get out.”
OUCH. That's when Snooki "quit drinking." Now, whether she's given up booze permanently (or even entirely) isn't clear, but one thing's for sure: The reality star realized that her family is more important than partying, and that can be a huge motivating factor in staying clean and sober (or at least mostly sober) for lots of people.
Here's wishing Snooki and her family a healthy, happy, sake bomb-free holiday.
Did you ever get a "stop partying" wake-up call like Snooki?


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nonmember avatar tera

i have never been a drinker so i dont understand why people like that blackout, out of control feeling but for my hubby his aha moment was when he was in a car accident that even the cops said should have killed him. and looking at hus car the next day it truly is a miracle he not only walked away but barely had any injuries. he for 4 years thought what he did was ok. it wasn't until he almost widowed me at 24 and orphaned his kids and 6 months old and 3 years old that he finally quit!

adamat34 adamat34

I dont get the drunk feeling either.

I dont think shes a bad mother tho....everyone needs to blow off steam mayve she just went a little hog wild. Give the baby formula or pump prior next time....she learned her lesson if she is aware it could clean a toliet...

nonmember avatar Mrs. H

I remember when my first child after 3 weeks of her coming into the world I wanted to get high... and So I did and I made sure she was changed and cleaned up and put her to nap then I smoked one right out side and when i heard her cry I had to stop what I was doing and I felt so ashamed of myself I never ever smoked drink or even went out to party ever since then... now I have 5 beautiful children married and living my life for the lord. I love feeling clean physically mentally and emotionally.

nonmember avatar Stacey

This was months and months ago! Every mother is allowed a night out and she pumped and dumped the whole lot it showed her doing it on her tv show

Lynette Lynette

I have never been a drinker. I have never smoked. So I never needed a wakeup call.

nonmember avatar redhead

i understand her midget fiance being mad she got super drunk and made out with Jenni, but telling her shes a coward and a bad mother is verbally abusive. Ive seen the shows she is on and that little hobbit shes engaged to is an a-hole. he just doesnt like her having any sort of life outside him. and its laughable that he told HER to get out, 10 bucks says she pays ALL the bills.

missy... missybest

Being pregnant should have been her wake-up call!  What is wrong with young people these days?  She can't be that stupid!  Glad her husband gave her a complete ultimatum and wake up call.  Way too many selfish, ridiculous people have babies.  This literally made me sick to read.

nonmember avatar mel

She is an alcoholic. If you've ever seen the show you should know, that's how an alcoholic acts. I watched her drink again after being pregnant and I could see her hooked again. I didn't realize I was so right . Cause that sucks for her.but we all need a wake up call sometimes. This was her way of figuring out those days are over and to start enjoying her life now .

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