Super Moms, Stop Feeling Guilty! You Can't Be Good at Everything

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Super Moms, Stop Feeling GuiltyI'm not sure about you, but Pinterest overwhelms me. Between that and design blogs (which I really love, by the way), I end up feeling like a slacker on a regular basis.

As much as I try to look away, it's nearly impossible when you work on the Internet and actually need to visit these sites as part of your job.

I'm finding that there's a fine line between admiring what I'm seeing and feeling some sort of obligation to try everything. And then the guilt starts to seep in.

Well, you what? No more.

I suppose I could just stop reading and looking at all the pretty Pinterest pins and posts from some of my favorite people. And to be honest, I did for awhile.

I realize that's my own deficiency and has nothing to do with anyone else. And really, it's not like I look at the Mona Lisa and feel like an awful artist.

But what these sites have done, which by the way, is very cool, is that they've made everything so much more accessible. You see the bloggers and pinners as real people, like me (and you), and suddenly you start thinking "Well, if they can do it, then I can do it."

However, for many people that can spiral into "I should be doing it" and then, if  you're like me, and you'll be felling like your sparsely decorated home isn't enough. That the not-so-stylish curtains and not-so-well coordinated photo wall collages are a little pathetic.

Okay, a lot.

But I've worked very hard on not being swayed by the awesome of other people. Basically, I can happily admire the abilities of others, and still feel okay with my own. 

And yes, we all have abilities. Mine just don't happen to be very pinnable. Or shareable.

I know I'm not alone in feeling a bit overwhelmed with the constant input of perfection and beauty that people are seeing all over the web. In fact, I hear a lot of push back about it, at least in my Facebook feed.

Thing is, it's not about sites or bloggers. It's about me.

And once I understood that and realized that my decorations, my non-recipes, they're all okay. In fact, they're more than okay because they work for me. And they make me (and my kids) happy.

That's all that matters.

How do you juggle it all?

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nonmember avatar TexasMom

It would do us all some good if we quit looking at Pinterest and used that time to go out and have fun with our kids. At the end of life, no one says they wish they had spent more time decorating Christmas cookies - they say they wish they had more time with their loved ones. A lot of those "perfect" homes you see are filled with unhappy, stressed out families who are too caught up in keeping up with the Jones'.

cherk-nj cherk-nj

TexasMom, Totally agree with you...Most of the best times my kids remember are the ones that weren't "planned", perfect, or a scheduled appointment. They just happened...

My son and I had a blast making a "snow dog" last week. He came in after school wanting to make a snowman. We had all of 3 in. of snow. So I said no. But then I said,, "Wait, how about a snow Dog? So that's what we did, and put our dachshund's red sweater on it (which we affectionately call the "ketchup". He had me send the pictures to everyone. Good times are about love, not perfection.

nonmember avatar Heather Kelly

I do it by making egg-carton mobiles every other Saturday. It's a family tradition which we've done since all our kids were two months old. You should see our ceilings! Full of Family Fun! I just love your are so honest and real; no "fluff pieces" here!

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