New Use for Viagra May Make Women Everywhere Want a Prescription

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ViagraMenstrual cramps are the absolute worst. Not only are most women who have their "monthly visitor" cranky because they feel super bloated and mostly unattractive (that's not just me, right?), but dealing with the gut-wrenching pain on top of that? Ugh, I feel nauseous just thinking about it. But there's an interesting new study out of the Penn State College of Medicine that says there may be a sweet little pill that can help ease the pain, and that pill goes by the name of Viagra. Seriously.

Apparently Viagra isn't just for men anymore. According to researchers, taking the little blue pill increases blood flow, and that blood flow helps push out the pain-causing lipids that tell a woman's muscles when to relax and contract.

Viagra to help ease menstrual pain?! This sounds so ... intriguing. But let's not forget what else Viagra can do for women ...

there have been numerous studies that have revealed that Viagra can also ramp up the sex lives of women who take it, too. One study from Northwestern University that women who took Viagra found statistically increased chances of achieving an orgasm and has increased blood flow to the genital area, as well as an increase in tingling, fullness, and warmth

Whoaaaa Nelly! Ha, does this not totally remind you of that Sex and the City episode where Samantha tries Viagra for the first time and then becomes hooked on the drug? Heck, I nearly died laughing when the end result was the doctor she was messing around with promised to write her her own prescription if she promised never to call him again!

TV flashback over, it all sounds well and good but personally I'm fine without it (in more ways than one). Something about the whole thing sorta irks me. For now, I'll stick to good 'ol ibuprofen to treat those cramps. Because no woman wants to be all amped up and sitting home alone. Correction: Ibuprofen and Ben & Jerry's.

Would you try taking Viagra to treat your menstrual pain?


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katyq katyq

It has already been in use as a fertility aid for years.

kymom23 kymom23

Meh, I think I'd rather not. lol My cramps aren't that bad in the first place. Neither is my sex life. lol 

Jessie Radford

I don't care either way, if someone needs it then meh. I just wanted to congratulate Kymom23 on her awesome pic XD I love the ninth Doctor

nonmember avatar Heather

I wonder how many husbands and wives will start sharing viagra scripts now lol

Robin Hartman

orgasms supposedly help with cramps.

nonmember avatar Rina

I just want to agree with the others about how cool the ninth doctor is.

BGarcel BGarcel

Eh no not if I dont need it.

Ashley Crouse

I'm good on the menstrual pain... I would take it for the ramped up sexual appetite. As it stands, I practiclally have none. I kid you not. I was wondering if there was anything out there for women to help them feel more sexual and obtain completion... and if this is ever deemed safe enough to help women with severely reduced sexual urges, I would jump on it. At least to make my fiancee happy a little more often than mayhbe once a month, when I'm in a kinda-sorta sexy mood.

nonmember avatar Amurrica

Yes, more prescription drugs America! yes

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