Beyonce Slammed as Too Skinny for Looking Slightly Less Bootylicious (PHOTO)

beyonceBody scrutiny is bad enough when you're a non-famous woman. I can't even imagine what someone the whole world is watching, like Beyonce, must feel like. Especially when people start squawking about how she looks like she's gotten too skinny. I mean, really, people?

Yes, yes, it's true. The fierce diva is apparently not as "bootylicious" as some fans would like to see her these days. At least not in a recent pic she posted on Instagram. Check it out ...


Although she looks incredible and not different to me, several fans left whiny comments like this disappointed guy's remark: “Wat happen[ed] to her a--?...looking kinda flat back there somebody needs 2 feed her cornbread so she can get back [to being] thick…[sic]." Ugh. And in response, the International Business Times actually attempted to break down the reasons Bey may have dropped some weight lately.

Granted, they make a few good points, like maybe she's a bit more svelte right now because she's been eating vegan (lots of people say they lose weight pretty quickly upon adhering to a meatless diet) or maybe she's just torching calories like no one's biz on her Mrs. Carter World Tour. Either way, she looks perfectly fit, healthy, and beautiful. And might I remind you critics: She's never had a booty like Kim Kardashian's faux one, and we PREFER it that way!

Really, this "skinny-shaming" of Beyonce is sadly just another sad reminder that we ladies can't win. There seems to be a very fine line between what's considered too thin and too fat, and it's unrealistic to expect that we'll all always fall into that perfect balance. But as long as we're taking care of and respecting our bodies, as I'd bet money Beyonce is, meeting some arbitrary standards of beauty and health really doesn't matter at all.

What do you think about Beyonce being "skinny-shamed"?


Image via Beyonce/Instagram

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