Naya Rivera Works Out in Only a Sports Bra & I Sorta Hate Her for It (PHOTO)

naya riveraTo say Naya Rivera is flawless, well, that's almost an accurate statement. The woman is drop-dead gorgeous, engaged to Big Sean ... who just happens to be one of the biggest rappers in the game right now ... and landed not one but three MAJOR magazine covers throughout 2013. The Glee star works for it, though, and not just the fame either. Let's talk about that bod, shall we? Naya's no stranger to working out and has been caught not just once, but twice getting her fit game on outside in the past couple weeks.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course, get in that workout wherever you can, lady. But I do have one little issue: your choice attire. Is it REALLY necessary to opt for just a sports bra? I'm 99 percent positive that women everywhere hate you just a little bit right about now. 


Okay, so I don't want to solely single out Naya for her workout wear, so let's talk about all of the sports bra wearing ladies at the gym, shall we? There she is, that skinny lady who has absolutely no qualms whatsoever rockin' next-to-nothing while going hardcore on the elliptical. It may not faze her, but the rest of the gym? I'll bet you the ladies aren't ecstatic about it. The men, well, that's a whole other story.

That woman wearing just a sports bra is instantaneously hated. Even if you love your figure, it's easy to hate on the sports bra wearer for having zero inhibitions about showing her figure off in public. For those of us who would never be caught dead stretching around in teensy Spandex, the sports bra only wearer becomes our nemesis. We judge her. We wonder WHY she doesn't have a tank top over it (at least) and if she's trying to be a showoff (in Naya's case, I'm gonna go with yes).

I know. It's bitchy. But is it too much to ask that we all just work out in perfectly clothed harmony? Regardless, if you have the confidence to wear little-to-nothing while you work out, good for you. But you better know every woman chugging away on that 10.0 incline who drank one-too-many glasses of wine last night is definitely hating you.

Do you find women who wear skimpy workout wear annoying? Does your gym have a dress code?


Image via Splash News

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