Popular Birth Control May Actually Be Deadly

nuvaringWhen it comes to birth control, women like to know their options. There's the pill, the shot, condoms, and of course -- the NuvaRing. But from the sounds of it, not for long. Vanity Fair recently published a pretty shaming article "Why Is Potentially Lethal Contraceptive NuvaRing Still on the Market?" which tells the story of 24-year-old Erika Langhart, who suddenly died from multiple heart attacks on Thanksgiving 2011. The cause of the attacks? A pulmonary embolism that her doctor said was directly related to her vaginal birth-control NuvaRing.

And Langhart isn't the only woman who may have suffered from NuvaRing side effects. According to the Food and Drug Administration, there's a 56 percent increased risk of blood clots for NuvaRing users and the company currently faces about 3,500 lawsuits.

Despite all this, NuvaRing made about $623 million for manufacturer Merck in 2012. Something ... something's wrong here.


I know many women who have tried NuvaRing after trying one-too-many birth control pills that resulted in skipped periods and breakthrough bleeding. Most of my girlfriends who have used the ring in the past did so because their gynecologist suggested it. I highly doubt, though, that their gynecologist told them the risks associated with switching birth control methods. I highly doubt they would have said "sure, let's go for it" if they knew. As someone who was offered it as an option in the past, I know I had NO clue about the risks involved.

There's no doubting that there are risks. There's no doubting that women should be wary. In a world where there are SO many other methods of birth control that are proven (and much more safe), women need to be smart about their choice to use contraception.

Have you ever heard about the dangers associated with NuvaRing? Would you still use it?


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