If You Weren't Scared of the Dentist Before, You Definitely Will Be Now!

dental horrorI hate going to the dentist. It doesn't scare me. I reserve my phobias for more valid concerns, like the insurmountable reality that one day I will die. The dentist I hate for practical reasons: My teeth are a nightmare. My gums are less pale pink flesh and more omnipresent blood-jelly. My teeth are less bone and more yellowed hole-riddled caves where bad dreams are born.

Plus, dentists are strange birds. Mine growing up had a motorcycle and was always offering my mom rides. Also that (probably untrue) statistic about their high suicide rate combined with Steve Martin's character in Little Shop of Horrors all added up to a strange mental picture for the Becca. Now the dental community has proven all my thoughts to be true.


Check out the insanity that is this calendar released by a company that creates the dummies dental students practice on. It is one part the funniest thing I have ever seen and two parts a hot, flaming terror-fest that is good only for scaring the wits out of old and young alike. Seriously, it's hilarious in its ability to inspire horror. My favorite might just be the couple reunited after his fake face has returned to this country, presumably from war. That or the surfing couple. It's a toss-up, really.

Dental Training Horror Calendar

I actually really love the idea that someone in the dental community has a sense of humor that is so perverse. It might even have changed my opinion about dentists on the whole. Which is good, because if I'm chortling over the mild eccentricities of dentists, I won't have to face the reality that somewhere, even as I type this, a classroom full of earnest faced youths are hacking away at the fake and horrifying mouths meant to represent all of the tooth-having public. Insane!

Do you think the calendar is meant to be funny, or is it so serious it just slipped into being hilarious accidentally? Are you scared of the dentist? THESE AND OTHER QUESTIONS.


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