Bra Stops Emotional Eating Because We Apparently Can't Do It Ourselves

LingerieAhhh, emotional eating. I think it's safe to say that you, your best friend, your sister's mother-in-law, heck -- everyone you know: they've all been there. Whether it's a bad day at the office or a frustrating fight with the man in your life -- there's comfort knowing that there's always that trusty best friend waiting for you at home in the back right corner of your pantry (or better yet, your freezer). Well get this: Microsoft is helping to develop a bra that tells women when to stop eating. Yes, I'm serious.

This is how it works: the bra holds an EKG sensor near the heart, so whenever the readings reach levels indicative of high-stress, the bra sends a message through a mobile app (appropriately called EmoTree) that sends the user an alert that they may be at risk of overeating.

So let me get this straight: The bra essentially senses when you're freaking out? Shoot, I'd be getting text messages ALL the time.


But on a serious note -- I think as women we owe it to ourselves to search out some other outlet besides a bra/a text message combination to curb emotional eating. Let's be serious: if you enable your emotions to REALLY get the best of you that often, so much so that you feel like you have to invest in some sort of device to stop it, well, that's a problem.

A better solution? Talk to your friends. Talk to your coworker. Talk to SOMEONE. The best thing you can do for yourself when you're feeling stressed and upset is get out your feelings. Sure, you can still indulge in that extra special sundae. But believe-you-me, that sundae will taste better if you feel like you've expressed your concerns by the last spoonful instead of holding it all in, 1,472 calories later.

But hey, 10 points for creativity, Microsoft.

Are you a big emotional eater? Do you have a method to avoid splurging?


Image via The Lingerie Addict/Flickr

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