Jenelle Evans' Weight Gain Is the Best Thing That Could Have Happened to Her

Jenelle Evans Body snark is elemental in the world of celebrity gossip. Some of us might abjure it, but we just can't help being fascinated by it. It's pretty gross, but also pretty much a truth universally understood.

So it comes as no surprise that Jenelle Evans is under scrutiny. She posted a photo of herself, her son Jace, and her boyfriend Nathan Griffith, celebrating a happy Thanksgiving. Rather than comment on how refreshing it is to see the young mom and her family looking happy and healthy, people are kicking up a stink saying that Jenelle's "put on the pounds."


Thankfully Jenelle isn't paying attention to any of her critics. She's already struck back at everyone on Twitter, pointing out that she's happy with the weight she gained and that she was tired of being "skin and bone." I just wish her fans had been more understanding. For all of her rough edges, Jenelle is good person who is doing everything she can to stay clean and sober. That's no easy battle, and it's one that shows on a person both physically and mentally. 

Because weight gain is really the best possible thing that could be happening to Jenelle right now. After her prolonged drug and alcohol use, the weight gain isn't just normal -- it's healthy. It's further proof that Jenelle is taking all the right steps to get back to having not just a healthy mind, but a healthy body as well. 

Do you think Jenelle was right to call out her critics?


Image via Instagram 

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