Woman Sues Doctor 'Friend' After He Posts Photos of Drunken Hospital Visit Online

It's bad enough when you're admitted to a hospital for being so drunk that you can't function. Yeah, maybe you got yourself in that position, but also maybe you had no idea you would react that badly to too much alcohol. It can happen, especially when you're young. But now imagine you call a friend for support -- who happens to be a doctor -- and that man reportedly live tweets your intoxicated condition with mocking hashtags like, "Cuvee #bottle #service #gone #bad." A woman is suing a doctor for that exact scenario. And I don't blame her one bit.


Aspiring model and actress Elena Chernyakova was admitted to a Chicago hospital after drinking so much she became unconscious. That is one of those things that nobody will brag about later -- and that hopefully you will learn from. It's also one of those things that is strictly your own business.

But Elena reportedly made a huge mistake when either she or someone she knew called a mutual friend, who is a doctor, to come watch over her while she was there. She regained consciousness after 15 minutes, but while she was out, he reportedly took the opportunity to snap her picture, add the "cutesy" hashtags, and tweet it out for the world to see.

First of all, shitty friend. Second of all, shitty doctor.

People can die of alcohol poisoning. It's not funny. But even if Elena wasn't dying, it's not exactly a position you want your friends, family, employers, or future employers seeing you in. The doctor, Dr. Vinaya Puppala, should know better that people's medical conditions aren't for tweeting. In fact, this doc worked with a hospital that was affiliated with Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where Elena was taken.

If this doctor will do this to a friend, what is to stop him from doing it to anyone?

Unfortunately, this generation, which grew up on social media and a lack of privacy, are our new doctors, gynecologists, counselors, emergency personnel, etc. And they all have cellphone cameras, a Twitter account, and an apparent inability to realize that certain things are private.

Look for more of this type of outlandish behavior.

Do you think she has the right to sue?


Image via digital cat/Flickr

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