Gifts for the CrossFit Athlete (3,2,1 ... Go!)

burpees no love tankBurpees Tank (Etsy, $14.99)You probably know somebody who does CrossFit. And trust me, you'd know if they partake in this popular fitness craze. Because people who do CrossFit can't stop talking about CrossFit and their Paleo diet and how many burpees and wall balls they did this morning at the box for their WOD after snatching for a PR.*

The thing is -- you still love your friend/spouse/sibling/parent dearly despite their inability to stop talking about CrossFit, so you're left with the question: What to get them this year for Christmas now that they've sworn off the sugar cookies?

I'm not going to suggest you go out and get them any serious new gear unless they've told you exactly what they want. But, I do have some goodies that will make your CrossFit-crazed friend squat for joy.


kettlebell charm

This kettlebell charm (Fashletics, $18) "swinging" on a necklace is a subtle way to wear your love for heavy weights everywhere you go.

lacrosse ball

Throw a lacrosse ball (Amazon, $6.90) into their stocking. (Literally, throw it.) This little yellow ball can do amazing things for mobility and stretching.

warm hat

Many boxes (aka gyms) are warehouse-like spaces with little or no heat. And don't forget those chilly outdoor runs. A warm hat like this one from North Face (Dick's Sporting Goods, $30) would be most appreciated.

organic sweet potato chips

Get in me belly! Organic sweet potato chips (Etsy, $14) are a perfect Paleo treat.

yay burpee socks

Said nobody ever. (Ba dum tss!) These YAY Burpees knee socks will make them laugh and protect their lower legs during deadlifts, rope climbs, etc.

For more gift ideas, come on over to The Prowl and check out my Gifts for the CrossFit Athlete board. There's bacon!

*Disclaimer: I do CrossFit so I'm allowed to make fun of myself.

What are you getting the athlete in your life for Christmas?

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