Snooki Makes a Shocking Confession About What 'DWTS' Did to Her Body


In addition to giving celebrities a lot of extra exposure and making (or keeping) them current -- going on Dancing With the Stars definitely comes with another huge perk for contestants. Duh, they drop pounds like crazy.

It's pretty impossible to rehearse for hours on end each day without slimming down. That's why it will kind of make your head spin to hear that Snooki gained weight on DWTS as opposed to losing it.

Yes, for reals. She told Life & Style, "I actually gained more weight on the show because I wasn't with my trainer. My trainer puts me on this crazy regimen. I ate more, I didn't do my weight training, and I gained a little weight."


Ugh. Seriously? She certainly still looked minuscule to me when she was voted off the show. But if Snooki really did put on a few extra pounds from trading weights for dancing shoes, I'd be a little bit ticked off if I were her. I mean, she literally worked her ass off to lose all of her pregnancy pounds, so you'd think seeing the scale go up would be a major buzz kill.

And it just seems so strange because I always thought muscle was more dense than fat? You'd think if she lost muscle, she'd weigh less -- especially given how much cardio she was doing. Huh. Interesting.

A couple of months ago, I stopped working out because it was making me fat -- or at least that's what I was starting to believe. I immediately found that my clothes fit better once I wasn't doing any strength training or hitting the gym -- though now that the holidays are here, I know I'm going to have to get my butt in gear again to keep my weight at bay.

But after hearing that cardio had the opposite effect for Snooki -- I'm now worried that heading back to Zumba will only make things worse! What if I pack on the pounds too?!?

I guess sometimes we just can't win no matter what we do. And if Snooki didn't have the pleasure of seeing the scale drop during her season of DWTS -- other future contestants might not want to get their hopes up either.

Are you surprised to hear that Snooki gained weight?


Image via ABC

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