Amber Portwood May Be Entering Dangerous Dieting Territory

Amber PortwoodI can't mask this: I feel bad for Amber Portwood. The woman has been out of jail for just a few weeks now and she's totally under a microscope. It seems like the extra attention has made the Teen Mom star think about her appearance. Just last week, Portwood revealed her new look, sporting gorgeous waves and a fresh face. Now, reports are saying that she's focused on something else: her weight. According to Star Magazine, Amber is taking diet pills. A source says:

Amber takes a lot of diet pills at once to cut her hunger and make her feel like she is on speed, but the pills don’t show up on her random drug tests.

For a moment, let's remember that this is coming from the same magazine who said Kailyn Lowry got married before she actually did. With that said, though, I wouldn't totally doubt the report considering how much pressure Amber's under. Although, be careful Amber! Just because some diet pills are approved by the FDA doesn't mean they're all safe.


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So what should Amber, and other interested consumers, know about diet pills? Well first things first: according to the FDA, only people with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above or those with obesity-related conditions (i.e. high blood pressure or diabetes) with a BMI of 27 or above should use prescription weight loss drugs. However, there are risks involved with taking weight loss medication:

1. Addiction: Prescription weight loss drugs (except Orlistat) are "controlled substance." What's that mean? That there are certain restrictions that doctors need to abide by when prescribing them. Sure, a doctor can control how many pills they administer, but they can't control how often the user takes 'em.

2. Side effects: Every person is different. Your body may not react pleasantly to a foreign substance (AKA users may experience certain tummy problems, if you catch my drift).

3. Tolerance: According to WebMD, weight loss that results from taking weight loss pills tend to level off after six months or so. That means to be careful about pushing a medication that isn't doing anything positive for your body.

So, while we don't know what Amber's deal is, we can only hope that if she's on the pills, she's taking them in a smart way. In recent photos, I don't think the Teen Mom star looks heavy in the slightest.

Have you ever tried using weight loss pills? Did you find them effective?


Image via MTV

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