Christina Aguilera's Stunning Weight Loss Showcased at American Music Awards (PHOTOS)

christina aguilera American Music Awards

Christina Aguilera's performance of her new song "Say Something" with A Great Big World at last night's American Music Awards was chilling, to say the least. I literally couldn't take my eyes off of her, not just because of the intense emotion in her face as she belted the powerful lyrics -- but because she was so ... small. Christina's lost 70 pounds and she does look good. But she's small. Actually, Christina Aguilera looked smaller than ever last night. Or at least as small as Genie in a Bottle.

Here, let's just take a moment and compare her current look to where she was at last year's 2012 American Music Awards:


Christina Aguilera

She's ... a totally different person. And again, this is exactly one year ago. Like I said, I'm not discrediting Aguilera's hard work. I don't think she looks sickly or that there's any problem. But as a woman who is known for her weight cycling, I just hope she's not letting all of the commentary over her weight this time around get to her head.

Christina looks great as she is now. I'm sure, though, that hearing how so many people thought she was huge before this recent weight loss, that can't be easy. Of course hearing "you look great!" is nice, but when it makes you feel like you weren't good enough before -- it's a mental mind game. My advice? Stay healthy, Christina, and don't let anyone decide how you should be living your life but you.

Were you shocked to see Christina's look on stage last night? Have you ever felt like you weren't good enough because of your weight?


Image via ABC, Pacific Coast News

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