Ditch That Expensive Gym Membership by Using These 7 Household Items

Ready to work out? Okay, grab your soup cans, water bottles, and a hefty textbook. Think I'm kidding? 

Believe it or not, there are loads of things you probably have around your house that can double-up as gym equipment. If you learn how to use them correctly, you can save a lot of money on a gym membership. In fact, a good workout can cost you nothing.

This past summer, I ditched the lunkheads and the crowded locker rooms for a few household "weights" and the sanity of my own home. Check out a few homemade tricks that only requires a snoop around the house to get started!

How do you stay fit on the cheap?

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  • Ready to workout from home? Here are 7 items to help!


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  • Chair


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    Your kitchen or dining room chair can be used for loads of things. Lay one hand on the back of it to balance during leg lifts, or lay down and hold onto both legs of the chair and lift your legs off the floor for a lower ab exercise. Chairs are perfect for tricep dips too!

  • Water Bottles


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    Your reward for using a water bottle as weights is to drink them afterwards! Use filled water bottles in your hands as if they were hand-weights, curl, press, and lift away!


  • Books


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    An alternative to hand-weights, you can hold a book at each end straight and do similar lifts, shoulder rotations, or hold it close to you to add some resistance for plie squats.


  • Milk Jug


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    Your cereal complement or a kettle bell? Any sort of jug with a handle can also play the role of a kettle bell (make sure it's full!). Use one in two hands or one in each hand, and you're ready to go with a full body workout!

  • Stairs


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    An at-home StairMaster ... literally. Use the stairs in your house to jump-start your cardio by running up and down them a few times, or stand with your heels hanging off the bottom step for some calf raises.

    Stairs can also be used as a single step for some aerobic exercises. Just be conscious of the space around you!

  • Soup Can


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    I bet you never realized just how many weights you have in your house. Soup cans with a good grip to get your hand around are perfect for bicep curls -- or instead extending your arms behind you, facing your palms away from your body, and working your triceps!

  • Shampoo & Conditioner Bottles


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    Most shampoo bottles are heavier than your typical water bottle because of the denser content. With that said, if you're looking for extra resistance, head over to the shower and grab your shampoo! Longer, heavier bottles can be a good size and weight for dead lifts or an overhead tricep extension.

    Warning: Remember to bring the bottle in the shower with you when you're done! (Guilty.)

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