20 Things Moms Love to Do When Kids & Husband Aren’t Around

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When you're a wife and a mom, it tends to take up your entire life. But it shouldn't. Women should definitely carve out alone time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that -- in fact, it's kind of wrong if you spend every second of the day with your kids or your husband. Where are you? Who are you? A mom/wife needs to have some time to herself, to unwind, unplug, detangle, whatever. It makes you happier, healthier, and that in turn makes your hubby and kids happier and healthier. Not that it's all about them! Here are 20 solo activities that real moms said they love to do for themselves, by themselves.

1. Take a vacation. Alone!

2. See a therapist.

3. Read a book.

4. Eat. Poop. Sleep.

5. Riding my bike!!

6. Go to the movies.

7. Running.

8. Napping.

9. Walk the dog.

10. Peeing, showering, eating, driving, getting my teeth drilled -- seriously, a break is a break!

11. Gym/yoga. Some kind of beauty treatment -- manicure, facial, haircut? Read in peace. Peruse design blogs in peace over a cup of coffee. Clean/rearrange furniture (I know, weird). Shop -- kind of cliche, but I hate shopping with anyone.

12. Other than drink wine? Hmm. Watch a chick flick. I'm talking Lifetime, Hallmark Channel -- REAL chick flicks. Go to the spa. Get my hair done. Shop. Then shop some more. Go for a walk. Zumba.

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13. Meditation, exercise (running), grocery shopping (it's so much better when there are no kids with you ...).

14. Socializing, traveling, going to museums, reading -- do people still do that? Creating stuff/hobbies.

15. Girls' weekend, anywhere! (But I guess that's not exactly solo.) I also like to have lunch by myself at a restaurant once in a while.

16. Anything where I can have uninterrupted time and be someone other than "mommy." It's surprising how you forget you can be funny, smart, and insightful when you aren't being constantly interrupted and pulled in multiple directions.

17. Drinking wine!

18. EVERYONE should travel away from their loved ones at least once a year.

19. Play in orchestra. Sing in choir.

20. Get a massage!

... and 21. What is this "solo time" of which you speak? I'm not sure I'm familiar with the concept.

What do you like to do alone? Which of these things do you do?


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nonmember avatar Anonymous

Why wasn't masturbate on this list?

Madam... MadameGarlic

Time away from your family, if you can swing it, is a great thing. The feeling of being "just me," not "me the mom, wife, lawyer, caregiving granddaughter, friend, etc" has done so much to keep me sane. A couple of people implied that I was selfish to do it, that they couldn't bear to leave their families, but I think it was good for my girls to see that I was taking care of myself.

nonmember avatar orphanblack

Ms.Garlic let them live in in their own guilt. I admire you and I too do the same. Happy mom/wife happy life. If I feel 100 that is more healthy energy I can give to my family, not a run down angry mom.

nonmember avatar Stir guest

Drinking coffee (without my four year old begging for sips) in bed while watching a movie. Pay bills online in peace. Do my online classes with no disturbance. Take a long hot bath and shave my legs. Omg seriously these are things i dream about lol. As a single mom I barely have a chance to do anything alone.

tmrvi... tmrvica1225

So basically...ANYTHING! 

tmrvi... tmrvica1225

Going to the bathroom ALONE and watching a WHOLE movie without interruption works for me!! OH, and jumping in and out of the car to do errands without lugging ALL the bags, strollers, and kids is like HEAVEN!!!! Appreciate the little things I tell ya! 

Fran E. Morgan Chapman

i have had 6 kids , they now range from19-35  , i have no idea why so many think it is so hard to have a little time to themselves , i very rarely had much company in the bathroom , just like no kids in bed with us either , exceptions were made when they were sick or nightmares . its called teach kids boundaries from a young age , like knocking on closed doors , and playpens , and not those small things they have now , the older kind that you could put 4 in there comfortably. the playpen was my saving grace. as for some of these other things , i would never think of taking a vacation alone , now in the future i am sure i will have to do that.. read a book? , i wont waste my alone time on that , i would wait til dad was home where he can deal with them, and yes you can actually teach yourself and kids to take naps at the same time , you can get a lot  done during the kids nap-time

Kim Kiefl-Wiedrich

I turn everything off and enjoy the peace and quiet for a while, then I will listen to the music that I like.


Sweethang Haha

@tmrvica1225, exactly what you said, I have five boys and I totally can relate to that lol

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