Shocking Restroom Signs Show Women Can Be Big, Small, Curvy & Tall (PHOTOS)

women's bathroom symbolWe've all seen the generic, universal symbols for men and women's bathroom icons for so long, we don't give them a second thought. But someone had the bold, brave, and brilliant idea to think about 'em quite a bit ... and came up with a whole new take on the symbolism for Jacksonville International Airport.

Now, photos of the unique artwork in the entrances for both men's and women's restrooms have hit the web and taken off on Reddit for a reason ... You can't look at it and not grin.

Check 'em out ...


men's and women's bathrooms at jacksonville international airport

Love it! Sure, it isn't exactly tackling something that was originally outright offensive. What I mean is unrealistic standards of beauty splashed across magazines and on fashion runways are one thing -- and need to be frequently checked and called out. But no one has ever really gotten all bent out of shape about the generic stick figure that's supposed to represent all women, right?

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Still, this artwork is a totally genius way of making a statement about how different we all are. That there is no such thing as a one size fits all body type or shape -- for women or men -- and no matter what we look like, we should all be accounted for ... and celebrated! Definitely a worthy reminder if I ever saw one!

What's your reaction to this awesome bathroom art?


Images via Sylvar/Flickr & via Ride0583/Flickr

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