Body-Positive Routine to Katy Perry's 'Roar' Is Crazy Empowering (VIDEO)

amanda trusty burlesque roar katy perryKaty Perry's video for her hit single "Roar" is pretty, epic, and empowering with its Katy-as-Tarzan theme. But burlesque dancer Amanda Trusty has taken the meaning of the song to a whole new level with her new spin. Juxtaposing ballet and tap dance with a message of positive body image, Amanda explores a completely different, entirely amazing meaning for the song.

Check it out ...

(Warning: Includes a traditional burlesque strip-down to undies and pasties, so may be NSFW!)


When you hear "Roar," you probably didn't think it could be about stripping off and fighting back against unrealistic standards of beauty and destructive ideas that make women hate their bodies. I know I didn't; I thought Katy was just singing about rising above a repressive relationship or similar toxic situation. But wait -- that's exactly what many of us have with our bodies!

Amanda underlines that, ridding her beautiful, strong, sensual form of vile words and expressions like "cellulite," "suck it in," "fat," etc. Seeing her castigate ideas like that in this totally spirited way is truly inspiring.

She describes the performance on her blog:

While I literally peeled the words “cellulite” and “suck it in” off my body, as a part of the piece I created in order to share my journey, I thought to myself, “This is Broadway to me.”

I think this video speaks a million words for my journey, and no more explanation is needed, other than explaining that burlesque is an art form where clothing is removed. So you will see skin. You will see all of my passion. And you will hear screams from over 200 people who have shared part of my journey with me, and have probably been on some version of it themselves.

Yes, a million times yes! So many of us are constantly working on getting to where it appears Amanda is with her level of happiness in her own skin. I can only hope that when more people see Amanda's performance, they feel empowered to follow in her footsteps -- or perhaps even dance steps.

What's your reaction to Amanda's performance?


Image via Amanda Trusty/YouTube

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