Joanna Krupa Reveals Her Dangerous Battle With an Eating Disorder

joanna krupaIf you thought you knew everything is there is to know about Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa, you'd be wrong. Sure, she puts her life on display on Bravo, but there are some things even the cameras don't catch. The model has recently revealed that she suffered from an eating disorder.


She tells People magazine, "I gained weight and struggled to lose it quickly in order to pursue my dreams of being a model. Being 20 years old, I had no idea how to lose weight fast and laxatives were an easy way out." Lucky for Joanna, she was able to stop before she suffered long-term damage.

She's lucky. But so many others are not. It's a common story among young women -- not just models. Desperate to lose weight, they turn to an easy and dangerous route. No matter how much we try to teach and encourage a healthy body image, this problem seems to persist. There is this unrealistic ideal. A body that is nearly impossible to maintain with a healthy, normal diet. It's not surprising Joanna fell victim to this, especially with a career in the pubic eye. Given her past, I wonder if it is difficult to be constantly criticized and scrutinized as a Real Housewife. Viewers can be vicious.

Though it sounds like she is keeping everything together quite nicely despite the craziness of the show. She's now focused on a healthier lifestyle and starting a family with her new husband Romain Zago. In fact, she's hoping for twins. "It would be my ideal situation," she said. "Wham, bam be done with it."

Do you think working in the public eye can lead to an eating disorder?


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