Mom With Breast Cancer Not Allowed to Visit Her Own Child's School (VIDEO)

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I can't even imagine what it would feel like to be a mom who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and wants nothing more than to spend every minute I can hugging, hanging out with, and enjoying the company of my young child. And if I were the young child in this situation, I would want to attach myself to my mom's leg and never let go. 

So it's insanely disturbing to discover that Kerri Mascareno, a mom from New Mexico who is battling stage 4 breast cancer, has reportedly been told by her daughter's elementary school to keep far away because the smell from her chemotherapy pills is overwhelming and offensive. 

According to Mascareno, she met with her daughter's school principal last week about an issue pertaining to her child. She says the principal then told her he knew it would make her feel bad, and that he was sorry and empathized with her, but that she should no longer visit the school because her smell -- brought on by chemo treatments -- made his employees very ill.

Principal Robert Abney, who refused to comment on the story to a news reporter in the clip below, also reportedly told the mom that she and her daughter were welcome to attend the school's upcoming Thanksgiving dinner -- as long as they agreed to sit and eat their meal in his office. Mom was obviously choked up about this, since she says she constantly thinks about how this could be her last Thanksgiving with her children.

Please, please, PLEASE let us discover that there is more to this story than this heartbreaking clip suggests. No one who works with children would actually tell a mom with cancer keep out of her child's school functions, right? Adults who made it their career choice to work with and nurture children would never put an offensive smell ahead of being human, RIGHT? This can't actually be happening. 

Here's the news clip you have to see to believe:

How do you feel about the way the school is reportedly treating this mom and her daughter?


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miche... micheledo

I don't know what to think.  My heart breaks for the mom.

On the other hand, IF it is SO bad that teachers are getting physically ill, how can they do their job and take care of the rest of the children.  If everyone is ill from the smell, how can they hold school?

If it is just an offensive odor they don't like and it isn't truly making people ill, then grow up.  

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

I get jerk vibes from seeing the principal in the video. I'm assuming that they don't want kids to see someone who is serverely ill as it might "disturb" them. 

kenle... kenleymom

If it "MAKES" the teachers sick.....why doesn't it her child?????? If something happens to her I hope that principle thinks of this EVERY TIME he sees her child!

nonmember avatar alicia

I'm with kenleymom if it makes them physically ill why doesn't it make everyone around her physically. Also if a smellnmakes these "teachers" sick how do they handle accidents and puke? I think it is a cop out that they don't want the questions feom the kids so its easier tobsweep it under the rug then face it. And if I was her I'd go to the thanksgiving feast andnsit with my daughter in the designated area

Sally Gallardo

This is just so so very wrong to treat any person with a life threating illness this way. It makes me cry for u and ur family. My heart goes out to u and if u were here in Salt Lake, Utah U, ur daughter and family would be the first at my dinner table.

She may only have months or days to live, but these people r so selfish that they can only think of their selfs and her smell. WELL SHAME ON YOU ALL!! What would u do if the tables were turned? U'd proably cry ur eyes out cause it hurt so bad that u couldn't spend time with ur daughter and her friends, and for a meal that's supposedly suppose to be for Giving Thanks! I'm just so amazed that adults could be so cold hearted! They're all pieces of sh_t as far as I'm concerned, and especially the principle. He should be standing up with her in her fight for life, so she could be with her daughter for as long as she needs. It's things like this that give people a bad name, because of their actions! May God Bless You! And I do hope and pray that ur able to spend Holiday Dinners with ur daughter, friends, family and the ones u Lv ! GOD BLESS YOU AGAIN, and I Hope and Pray that u win this battle of Cancer. Such a dirty word!

laran... laranadtony

There IS a smell with people on chemotherapy BUT it does not make you physically ill. It can be bad enough to gag you but I think I would  have just worn a surgical mask and told the woman that I may have a cold and did not what her to get it!

What dick!

Samantha Sabrina Santana

First off People can be allergic to perfumes and stuff like that. That is why they ask you to to wear perfume. I don't understand how the staff is getting physically ill. I personally have never smelled someone on chemo but I am sure some of those students smell like cigarette smoke from their parents smoking around them. So if the chemo smell makes them sick so should cigarette smoke. Second, I hope the mother gets a lawyer and sue. I am sure that the American Cancer Association will have something to say about this. I hope to god that the principal get in trouble if not fired over that. You can not help it if something that is trying to make you better gives off a smell. People taking fish oil smell like fish all the time. 

Lenna Tolbert

I think every parent should go to the school and protest what hes doing to this poor woman. she gets so little time with her children and he is limiting her even more. Not to mention he is being so mean to her. She is going through so much already whats next a beating in the parking lot? sorry i would have to smack this a**hole and tell him how much his attitude stinks.

Zadidoll Zadidoll

That principal reminds me of the... jerk, who runs my kids school.

nonmember avatar amanda

Mom had chemo when I was 13 she also had radiation and she smelled like death but the county I went to school in never treated her like this. I watched as my mom died a little everyday. She did survive her cancer but she isn't the mom from them.

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