Woman Sues Doctor for Spraying Intimate Parts With Flesh-Eating Chemicals

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There are no words. No words. I sincerely hope you have already eaten. If you are eating now, stop eating. Seriously, put down the fork and tell your vagina that you love her: It's about to get ghastly up in here.

Dr. John Black of Ohio is being sued by a former patient identified solely as "Laura". What was this OB/GYN's crime? Dr. Black apparently sprayed Laura's vagina with potassium hydroxide. That's right, potassium hydroxide -- usually found in the stuff you use to remove clogs from a drain. Fun fact, if applied to human flesh, it can cause decomposition.

Everyone please take a moment to scream and then come back. Laura says the doctor sprayed the chemical on her from a bottle labeled "vinegar" -- which is already ... not normal. When she complained of burning, HE TASTED THE LIQUID AND CONCURRED THAT YES, VERILY, IT WAS BURN-INDUCING. AH! THIS GUY! 

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It doesn't even begin to stop there. Laura claims that Black then used a non-gloved hand to smear numbing cream on her burns and sent her home. Later, having gone to the hospital, Laura learned the extent of her injuries. In addition to the burns, the doctors found a plastic bottle cap inside of her cervix. Laura now can't have sex with her husband, and she fears for her reproductive health. These all sounds like valid concerns based on what happened to her.

This is a bizarre and horrific story! Going to see an OB/GYN isn't the easiest thing on the planet for anyone to do. You are in an inherently vulnerable position, and it's your doctor's responsibility to see that you feel as comfortable as possible. It's normal to ask a lot of questions and to talk with your doctor until you feel at ease. I can't imagine finally relaxing and then being treated by someone who so clearly seems to be completely incompetent and, from the sounds of it, potentially mentally unbalanced. This is just jaw-dropping. I hope he not only pays every penny of this suit, but is permanently banned from practice, with perhaps a few years of jail time tossed in for good measure. 

Do you think this doctor just messed up or that he had some sort of total break with reality?


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IHear... IHeartCake

I'm afraid to read further articles about this case, but I really want to know why the doctor wasn't arrested and charged with sexual assault.  He's obviously a predator.  His victim deserves justice, and I don't just mean a settlement.  He should be in prison.

B1Bomber B1Bomber

That doesn't sound like incompetence, it sounds like sadism. The previous commenter is right, the man belongs in prison.

nonmember avatar MK

potassium hydroxide is used to diagnose fungal infections. I'm not excusing his bizarre behavior but I imagine he was not the one to mix or label the contents-there is an incompetent nurse to blame here too.

Eleanor Johnson

why did he have it in his exam room in the first place ,so stupid


Margaret Contard

He MAY have just grabbed the wrong bottle. Years ago my gyno used vinegar to diagnose a pre-cancerous condition. 


nonmember avatar RR

Vinegar is used to find abnormal cells when doing pap smears and colposcopies, like MK said his assistant would have filed and labeled the bottle.

cmw327 cmw327

What a freak!! He should not be practicing anymore! That poor woman. Why was that bottle even in the exam room!

Kristin Roby

My only thought...... What....the.....hell

nonmember avatar sue byers

bless this ladies heart he should have his liscence pulled and put UNDER THE PRISON what a prick

Angie Smith Branan

I don't believe for one minute that a nurse mixed up his bottles! This man is very sick or he would have helped the woman once he realized it wasn't vinegar in the bottle!

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