Miranda Lambert's Diet Secrets Could Be Endangering Her Health

miranda lambertIt's no secret that lately, Miranda Lambert has lost weight. The country singer has been slimming down the past four months or so, working hard to drop pounds just in time for her 30th birthday this past November 10. And when she showed up at last week's Country Music Awards alongside husband Blake Shelton, Miranda was lookin' skinnier than ever.

Recently Miranda revealed her diet secrets, saying that she drinks store-bought pressed juice in the morning and she tries to "cut everything in half" that she used to eat. She even brags to say that her husband is such a fan of her fit body that he brags on her, and that Blake's bragging makes her feel great.

Hmmm, half as much food as she used to eat? And influenced by her husband's bragging about her tinier size? I mean, not for nothing, but this sounds like a situation that could get out of hand ... fast.


It's not that Miranda doesn't look great. Heck, the 30-year-old country singer is a total knockout! But after losing 25 pounds in three months, it sounds like she's being a little extreme with her dieting habits. Cutting everything she used to eat in half, I can't help but wonder how much she used to eat. Was she eating that much before that cutting those meals in half still provides her with the amount of calories she needs every day? Because if so, then whoa -- that's a LOT of food.

Regardless, it's easy to get caught up in the hype when you start to shed major pounds and so many people are telling you how fab you look. My best advice to Miranda would be stay grounded. Don't let this restricted eating get too out of control. Once it does, it's really hard to pull yourself out of it.

Has positive praise from your friends and family ever made you eat differently? Is it a help or a hindrance?


Image via Us Weekly

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