30 Squats Get You a Free Subway Ride in Moscow (VIDEO)

russian I love Russia and long to travel there. It's the home to some of my favorite writers, with a crazy intense history that I've always been obsessed with. Plus, a guy I know went there and brought back a giant white chocolate bust of Lenin and a big ol' fur hat, so there's that. I didn't think (short of correcting their policies regarding homosexuality, which are shameful and embarrassing) that there was anything they could do to further endear themselves to me. I WAS SO WRONG. 

In celebration of the upcoming Olympics and to promote healthy living, they came up with a crazy little gadget that they placed in the subway system. If you want to get a free train ride, all you need to do is complete 30 squats or lunges in front of the machine and it gives you a ticket. GLORIOUS.


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My reaction to this is WHY DOESN'T EVERYTHING WORK THIS WAY? Think about how fit we'd all be if we had to move our rear-ends in order to accomplish the things we HAVE to do on a daily basis? I've put together a petite list of 5 things that we should have to move our buns for!

1.) Free Sandwiches

If you have to run for 20 minutes in order to then eat a free sandwich, they basically cancel each other out! It's like nothing happened -- bring on the Baby Ruth bar.

2.) A Free Pair of New Shoes

Cut out all that hemming and hawing over a pair of shoes you WANT but don't NEED. They can be yours! Free! The only charge? Eighty sit-ups! BRINGITON!

3.) To Get Into Bars

It's been a tough day and all you want is a beer to unwind. And a beer you shall have -- once you do 20 arm-curls.

4.) To Get Into Our Cars

The price you pay for commuting? That's 80 jumping jacks. Also your dignity.

5.) To Make Our Showers Start

You'd kill for a nice hot soapy shower. You don't need to do murder, thankfully. Instead, an hour of mindful meditation. Namaste, body wash.

What things do you use throughout the day that you'd be willing to work out for?


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