8 People at Your Gym You Absolutely Hate

man lifting weight at gymHandsome, yes. His grunts? Not so much.Your gym is a special place. Inside there the fat get skinny, the skinny are ogled with envy, and the personal trainers prowl for new victims (sometimes whom they ask if they can train instead of for their phone numbers). The gym is a special environment that, if you're anything like me, you brave because you have to, seldom because you want to. And with that said, there are a few different types of people that go to the gym. Many of them, well, they're annoying.

Thus I present you with 8 different types of gym-goers you wish you could punch in the face. It's OK, really, you're not alone.


1. The lunkhead: You know, the jacked up guy who probably sipped at least two protein shakes before walking through the gym doors? Yeah, sorry, your grunting isn't really the soundtrack I was hoping to listen to on my midday sweat session.

2. The designer diva: She worries more about what she put on before walking through the gym doors than what she's doing AT the gym. What, did Lululemon pay you for being their billboard today?

3. The waste of space: The person who really doesn't want to be there and so instead of being productive with their time, they walk at a 3.0 mph pace on the treadmill for 2 hours while watching old episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Spoiler alert: Kim gets pregnant with Kanye West's baby.

4. The locker room leach: Does this person even work out? Because every time you've seen them at the gym -- they're half-naked, showing off some sort of body part you don't want to see, and wearing an awkwardly placed sweatband.

5. The man magnet: She wears her hair down at the gym. You instantaneously hate her.

6. The I-could-stay-here-all-day-er: Every time you come to the gym, she's there. She's there and already dripping sweat when you show up. She stays after you leave. You despise that she A) has all this time to be at the gym and B) has the audacity to work out longer than you.

7. The trainer: Some trainers are sweet. The trainer you hate is the trainer who sketches you out while eyeing you when you're sweating on the StairMaster. In the past when he's asked you if you want a "free consultation," you've considered switching gyms because he makes you feel that uncomfortable.

8. The cellphone addict: She's been on the elliptical for 40 minutes, 10 minutes past the "rush hour" time limit, and she hasn't put down her phone. How does she not get dizzy while scrolling through her Instagram feed?

Which one of these gym-goers do you hate the most? Is there another category we forgot?


Image via Olivier Cadeaux/Corbis

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