6 Celeb Confessions That’ll Make You Feel Better About Hating the Gym (PHOTOS)

celebrities who hate working outIt's pretty safe to say that nine out of ten times, there are many things you'd rather be doing than sweating on a treadmill burning calories at the gym. That's not to say you don't appreciate your body and want to be in shape -- that's just being honest with yourself: working out isn't the best thing in the world. You want to talk best thing in the world, and other things come to mind ... mainly chocolate, a good sale, and opening Christmas presents.

The good news? You're so totally not alone in the "I hate working out" department. In fact, there are loads of celebrities who hate it too. Here, check out the hilarious things A-listers like Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, and even (GASP!) Michelle Obama have said about working out. You'll never feel guilty about slammin' the StairMaster ever again:


What do you hate most about working out?