6 Awesome Fitness Apps That Will Get You Motivated (PHOTOS)

Carly Pizzani | Nov 13, 2013 Healthy Living

Photo of a GPS watchWhen it comes to getting your butt to the gym when you really don’t feel like getting up to go work out, this time of year is the worst. It’s getting cold outside, your bed is extra toasty and comfortable, and you’re wearing more layers that can hide an extra pound or two. Enter the app store. Technology is definitely your friend right now -- there are so many cool apps available that help make staying fit and healthy easy. Whatever helps motivate you, whether it's competition, entertainment, or cold, hard cash, there's a fitness app out there for you.

Here are six of the coolest fitness apps to help you maintain your fitness goals.


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  • 6 of the BEST Fitness Apps to Keep You Motivated (PHOTOS)


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  • GymPact


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    When you’ve tried setting two alarms, or meeting a friend, or laying out your stuff the night before, and you STILL can’t make it to the gym, GymPact might be the app for you. Why? Because there’s money on the line! There are two sides to the GymPact app: First, you can earn money every time you make it to a pre-scheduled workout. Second, you LOSE money if you don’t get to the gym.

    Cost: Free (unless you miss a workout!!)

    Available for: iPhone and Android 

  • Pocket Yoga


    Image via Pocket Sports

    There are a bunch of at-home yoga apps available, but Pocket Yoga gets awesome reviews from users. It’s more than just a database of single poses -- this app lets you practice a 30-minute, 60-minute, or 90-minute class, each of which you can select from three different difficulty levels. There is also a pose library, so you can practice single poses if you want. With different environments, the option of using their music or your own, as well as the AWESOME feature of not having to be connected to the Internet to use it (great for traveling), this is a really impressive yoga app.

    Cost: $2.99

    Available for: iPhone, Android, Windows

  • Zombies, Run!


    Image via Zombies, Run!

    Zombies Run is such a fun app, especially if you run for cardio but find it kind of boring. This app makes running anything BUT boring. You download the app, put on your headphones, and it transports you into a zombie-themed game, where you literally have to run from zombie hordes! There are over 90 different runs you can select from, so whether you’re training for a 5K or want to do sprint intervals, you’re set. The storyline keeps you entertained, and the motivation is to stay alive!

    Cost: From $1.99 to $3.99 depending on which version you buy

    Available for: iPhone and Android

  • MyFitnessPal


    Image via MyFitnessPal

    A pretty straightforward and easy to use app is MyFitnessPal. Basically an online calorie counter, it allows users to easily keep track of their food intake in an online journal. Food journaling keeps you honest about what you’re eating on a daily basis and can help you keep portion size in check, so this is a great option for anyone trying to lose weight. The database of food options is huge, and best of all, this app is free!

    Cost: Free

    Available for: iPhone, Android, Windows, BlackBerry

  • Accupedo


    Image via Accupedo

    If your favorite cardio workout is walking (you know I’m a fan), then Accupedo is a great app to download. It’s a free online pedometer, which offers you stats on calorie count, distance, and time, as well as the basic step count of most pedometers. If seeing your progress is motivating for you, this would be a great app to try.

    Cost: Free

    Available for: iPhone and Android

  • Fitocracy


    Image via Fitocracy

    For motivational purposes, the free app Fitocracy is great. Whatever your fitness goal, Fitocracy turns it into a social game. You earn points for each workout completed and tracked, which helps you advance to the next level. There’s also a social aspect, where you can join online groups, comment on others’ achievements, chat, and compare your stats with others. This app takes the popularity of posting about your workouts on social media like Facebook and contains it in one like-minded online community.

    Cost: Free

    Available for: iPhone and Android

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