Scary Clock Counts That Down the Days Until You Die May Actually Improve Your Life (VIDEO)

What would we do without clocks? For starters, we wouldn't know what time it is. We'd be late for everything! If we even showed up. We wouldn't know when it was Daylight Savings Time. We wouldn't know when to wake up or go to bed. And we certainly wouldn't know when we were going to die. Wait, WHAT? Yes, a new clock, catchily called ALARMClock, counts down until the exact time you are set to die, so suddenly those seconds and minutes whizzing by seem a lot more precious!


But how on Earth would a clock know when you are set to expire? According to the company that makes ALARMClock:

ALARMclock displays a projected life expectancy in days -- based on age, health, lifestyle, diet, family history, and other factors ... ALARMclock arms you with the facts, so you can start each day unencumbered by fantasy or wishful thinking.

Those "life expectancy" calculators can be found on the Internet. According to one I filled out, I'm dying at around 92 years old. Which sucks for my retirement fund.

I'm not sure I'd want a clock that lets me know every hour I'm closer to my death -- like most people, I prefer to tell myself myself that day will never come -- but I can see the value in it. Making yourself more aware of your mortality might inspire some positive changes to your life, to wit:

- Get off your ass and do something today. You've only got 120,387 days left!

- Call up that friend you haven't spoken to in a year. Time's a wastin'!

- Let go of that petty grudge. Even that big grudge.

- Take that vacation you've been putting off.

- Do that thing you've been telling yourself for the past 245 days you were going to do but haven't done yet, only 120,142 days left!

- Get in shape, stop smoking and drinking, eat healthier, and reset that clock. You've just added 1,725 days!

- Stop spending your time leaving nasty comments on the Internet. When your 120,387 days are up, is this what you want as your legacy?

Seriously, it's not a bad idea to remember that we're all here for a limited time. What you do with it is all up to you. It won't last forever. In fact, it won't even last that long. Chop, chop!

Would you use a clock like this?


Image via Fig/Kickstarter

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