Dying Woman's Breast Cancer Battle Chronicled in 35 Haunting Photos

We often hear that someone is "fighting breast cancer." However, it's hard for friends and family to grasp what it truly means. That is what Angelo Merendino and his wife Jennifer faced after her diagnosis. To help others understand what their world had become, Angelo began taking photos chronicling Jen's fight for survival. The result wasn't just a depiction of pain, but a testament to her amazing spirit and strength.


Throughout the series, people are confronted by Jennifer's beautiful and haunting images on both her good days and bad. From smiles in their shared bed to the fearsome moments in the doctor's office, each snapshot is more emotional than the last. 

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Though she ultimately succumbed to the disease two years later at age 40, her profound message is still very much alive in The Battle We Didn't Choose: My Wife's Fight With Breast Cancer (available as an eBook for iPad or PDF at MyWifesFightWithBreastCancer.com).

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Angelo is donating 50 percent of net profits to The Love You Share, a non-profit organization he started to provide assistance to women in breast cancer treatment. His dream for this amazing collection of images: "I hope people will see the love in our story and not just the loss."

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