Gorgeous Tattoo Helped Brave Breast Cancer Survivor Heal (VIDEO)

molly breast cancer tattooForty-seven-year-old breast cancer survivor Molly Ortwein never expected to be diagnosed with the disease. She eats organic, works out, and doesn't smoke. But while picking up her luggage at Chicago O'Hare Airport, she was told over the phone by a radiologist that she did indeed have breast cancer. It's a devastating scenario far too many women have faced, as well. But after battling the disease, having a double mastectomy, getting reconstruction, and still seeing the scars every day, Molly decided to take a stand to help herself heal even further: She entrusted tattoo artist Colby Butler of Unfamous Miami with creating gorgeous, meaningful tattoos on her chest.

Molly's story was documented by P.INK, an awesome organization that provides tattoo inspirations, ideas, and artist info to breast cancer survivors. Check it out ...


I would think it's near impossible to watch this video and not find tears in your eyes and a smile plastered across your face for Molly. How gorgeous are those Pernambuco blossoms -- and the explanation that they're "rare and resilient"? So perfect. She's so brave, so amazing, so admirable to have endured what she did and then turn around and own her experience in this way. That's exactly what tattoos like hers allow women to do -- celebrate their journey and their bodies with very personal body art.

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More and more breast cancer survivors are choosing to go a similar route, and the tattoo artists working with them to design the special ink that suits their particular wishes -- like Colby Bulter and also the "Michelangelo of nipple tattoos" Vinnie Myers -- are heroes themselves. Knowing that they're helping women like Molly truly own their healing process and boost their confidence is nothing short of awe-inspiring and applause-worthy!

What do you think about breast cancer survivors turning to tattoos as part of their healing process?


Image via PersonalInkProject/YouTube

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