Talking to the Dead Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be

My grandfather
If you've ever wished you could speak once again to a dead loved one, you may have considered hiring a medium or clairvoyant who claims they can communicate with the dead. The past decade has seen a lot of deaths of people I cared about, so when I was offered the opportunity to speak to Ricky, who is billed as being one of the best mediums in Psychic Source and has over 1,000 five-star reviews, I hopped at the chance. My only dilemma was wondering which relative I would speak to, since I had so many who had recently passed on, including my grandparents on both sides and my 7-year-old niece.


Ricky, who charges approximately $9 a minute, started off by saying that he was sensing "definitely an older man" who wanted to reach me. I was excited about this, since my paternal grandfather, whom I was very close to, was my first choice to contact.

"He was in the war," Ricky said. "I'm sensing aviation ... flying ..."

I explained that while my maternal grandfather was in WWII, he was in the Navy. He and I weren't very close -- but maybe he wanted to talk to me instead of my paternal grandfather?

"I sense a Ruth," Ricky said. Hmmm ... no Ruth in my family.

"I see a young girl ... very young ... a sick young girl."

This startled me, as my niece died at 7 years old of a cancerous brain tumor.

"Yes!" I exclaimed.

"I get her and a grandpa," Ricky said. Okay, so my paternal grandfather and my niece were the two main people I wanted to speak with. This was amazing! What did they have to say?

"I'm sensing balloons," Ricky said.

Hmmm ... did my niece come all the way from the other side to talk about balloons?

Ricky also said he sensed a move, my niece was talking about a move. Maybe her move into the hospital? I ventured. This was all pretty vague. I'd hoped their spirits would have something concrete to say. Maybe spirits are a tad confused. Maybe they've forgotten how to have straightforward conversation.

At any rate, Ricky assured me that my niece was happy.

"I sense an older female ... " Ricky said. "And something about a fire ... not a big fire, a fire in the kitchen ..."

I explained there had been a few fires in my family -- big ones -- but no kitchen fire that I was aware of.

Ricky told me that my paternal grandfather was showing me a book, a blue book, and insisting I read it. I had no knowledge of a blue book. I prayed this wasn't him urging me to read Fifty Shades of Grey.

Ricky then mentioned Maine and sensed my grandfather had been in Maine. My maternal grandfather had indeed lived in New Hampshire. Close enough.

"I see a conch shell," Ricky said. "A big conch shell." Err, no conch shell that I'm aware of. Between the balloons, the blue book, and the conch shell, I was beginning to think the spirit world had little to talk about. They were beginning to be one of the dates you just want to wrap up for lack of things in common.

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Ricky mentioned that he saw my paternal grandfather moving "back and forth, back and forth to homes." True, he had two homes and moved between them frequently. My paternal grandfather then told me I was about to take a big risk in academia, like going back to school. Err, wrong on that count.

"I see a Richard ... is there a Richard?" Nope. No Richard.

"Amanda?" Nope. No Amanda.

Ricky said my niece was telling me to "try again" -- which Ricky took to mean something involving a relationship. I thought this might indicate that my niece wanted me to "try again" with my sister -- we haven't been getting along. But Ricky seemed to think she wanted me to "try again" with someone who was in academia.

I had no idea what the academia theme was referring to.

By the end of the half an hour reading, my overall impression was that Ricky got a few things right and a few things wrong -- but, hey, it was fun. Should you spend money on this kind of thing? I think it all depends on how badly you want to hear anything from the spirits, no matter how much it may or may not make any sense.

As for me, if my dead relatives want to talk to me again, they should figure out what they want to say first, because they were all over the place.

Have you ever tried having a medium talk to the dead? What was your experience?


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