'Jersey Shore' Star Vinny Guadagnino Shares Dramatic Weight Loss (PHOTO)

vinny guadagnino weight lossI think it's safe to say that Vinny Guadagnino is my favorite fella to come out of the Jersey Shore franchise. He's hilarious, and his family? Forgettaboutit. They're a ball of Italian hilariousness! You know what else comes with an Italian family aside from laughs? A passion for eating. Guadagnino recently embarked on a three-week cleanse to try and shed some of that pasta-fueled gut, and the results are super impressive. As in, Vinny, PLEASE tell me what this whole cleanse involved because you went from pudgekin (a CUTE pudgekin!) to abtastic in a flash. If I had to guess, you've lost 10 to 15 pounds!

Seriously, don't you just hate men for being able to lose weight in a millisecond? That's how it feels anyway.

Vinny's weight loss wasn't all puffy clouds and roses, though. The MTV star shared his cleanse struggles with his Twitter followers. I think it's safe to say his complaints are something we can ALL relate to.


On day 2, Vinny was already wanting to off himself:

 And then there was the day his family brought in a slew of pastries:

Whether or not you're Italian -- anyone who is trying to eat healthy is almost always tempted when it comes to family get-togethers. All right, maybe not just family get-togethers ... any gathering of people where food is involved. There's always that demon on one shoulder saying, "Oh, you can have just one!" and then the angel on the other, saying, "You don't need those stinkin' pastries."

But back to Vinny. You look great, man! We may not be able to tell by that precarious look on your face, but I think it's safe to say you're happy with your results? You're lookin' great. Keep up the good work!

Have you ever tried a cleanse? If so, what were the hardest parts of sticking to it?


Image via vinnyguadagnino/Instagram

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