Christina Aguilera's Weight Loss Is Crazy Obvious & Beautiful (PHOTOS)

christina aguileraWhen it comes to fab celebrity weight loss stories, I think it's safe to say that Christina Aguilera takes the cake. Emerging onto the scene as a super skinny teen sensation, the diva gained a slew of weight back last year, which had tabloids and gossipmongers accusing her of another pregnancy (the singer had son Max back in 2008). Now, Aguilera is rockin' a much slimmer figure on The Voice, where she showed up wearing a leotard and sparkly leggings earlier this week. I mean, sure, I've noticed that Christina was skinnier. But this look, well, you can REALLY see how far she's come. Heck, doctors are estimating that Christina has dropped 70+ pounds!

Here, let's take a look at Christina's before and after weight loss photos, side by side:


christina aguilera

She literally looks like a totally different person. And according to her The Voice co-judge Adam Levine, she is one. Levine recently told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show that Christina is a happier person. "She looks great, she feels great," Levine said, and Leno agreed it radiates in the way Christina handles herself.

And they're both right, it does. When you lose weight and feel confident in your looks, you're generally more confident in the way you handle yourself. The most important part, though? That Christina stays healthy and keeps the weight off this time around. Yo-yo dieting is a vicious cycle, one that takes a toll on your body. If Aguilera is happy now, then she needs to focus on that happiness and treat her body the way it deserves going forward.

Lookin' great, Christina! Keep up the hard work!

Do you think Christina will be able to keep off the weight?


Images via NBC, Splash News, NBC

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