Man Lives Like a Dog & Wants to Be Called 'Boomer' (VIDEO)

Gary Matthews is a dog. I don't mean he's a jerk, or sleeps around, I mean he really believes he's a dog, like a woof woof DOG. He wears a dog suit. Eats dog food. Barks at neighbors. Digs holes in his yard. And calls himself Boomer the Dog, which he tried to get his name legally changed to, only a judge muzzled him. If you let your kid watch animal cartoons, you might want to take note: Gary, who is now 48 years old, began his dog obsession when he was a kid and watched Disney's 101 Dalmatians and The Shaggy D.A.


Soon Gary went from "playing" dog to "being" dog. He told ABC News:

Going public with being a dog isn't just about the name change. That's only the most recent thing that I'm focusing on, because really, being a dog is about everything -- it's the way that I live.

Uhhh HUH. Not surprisingly, Gary Boomer isn't married nor has puppies children. Maybe he just hasn't met his perfect bitch yet.

And he doesn't have to hold down a job, which might impinge upon his doggy style, because his parents died and left him money. Speaking of his parents, they weren't too thrilled with having a canine instead of a human for a son. Boomer says:

My parents didn't like it. Earlier on, they saw it as a kid thing and they laughed. But at a certain point in time there are adult expectations and they want you to go off to work and date.

Boomer was even sent to a special school for kids with psychiatric problems, but that did little to slake his hunger for dog biscuits and sniffing the butts of nearby humans.

A neuropsychologist says that Boomer's compulsion to be a dog could be in his natural biology; or it could have been the result of an early trauma. Boomer says he doesn't know why he's a dog either, but sees it as a "lifestyle choice."

While I'd prefer that people accept reality when it comes to their species, and also learn how to manage anxiety without rituals such as acting like a dog, I suppose Gary isn't doing anyone any harm. At least not yet. But the day he bites the mailman, he may need to be put in the pound.

Do you think he should just be allowed to live the life of a dog?


Image via National Geographic/YouTube

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