Blake Lively's Secret to Having a Great Body Will Make You Hate Her

blake lively

Some of us eat a lot of salad to be thin, maybe drink a whole lot of water every day. Others avoid carbs and deny themselves the deliciousness that is bread and pasta. And of course there are the people who go to the gym or take up things like running or Zumba or yoga to stay in shape.

Blake Lively does none of those things to look the way she looks. (Just look at her! Wow.) In fact, what she does do puts pounds on the rest of us common folk. Get this: She eats chocolate. And no, it's not some fad to lose weight like the cookie diet.


Blake told French Vogue:

I do nothing! I'm lucky to have a very active lifestyle, I'm always running around everywhere ... So I don't need to hire a coach or watch what I eat ... I can't start my day off without a mug of hot chocolate or finishing off the day with a few squares of dark chocolate ... It keeps me feeling happy.

From this, I conclude she has a great metabolism, she probably gets great workouts just from being Ryan Reynolds' wife, and she clearly understands moderation. I want to know how she manages to just eat a few squares of dark chocolate. I usually intend on eating just a few or five but end up finishing the whole bar and heading back to the kitchen to see what else I have hidden in the freezer out of my kids' reach for such gluttonous occasions.

I'm not going to hate on her, even though I sort of do. She's only in her mid-20s and she has a good 15 years before it all catches up to her. But there is one thing that she said that really stuck out ... "it keeps me feeling happy" and isn't that the key? A little chocolate delight isn't going to tip the scale, and she's clearly an active one. You feel good, you look good. Some people are just naturally thin and get to be married to Ryan Reynolds. Oh wait ... that's just Blake and Scarlett Johansson.

Okay, maybe we can hate on her a little bit. Just a few dark chocolate squares' worth.

What do you think of how Blake Lively stays in shape?


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