Delusional News Host Says Women Should Pay More For Healthcare Because We Are 'Hypochondriacs' (VIDEO)

Okay, 'fess up: do you go to the doctor more often than the men in your life? Without a doubt, I do. But the weird thing is, I also take far less medicine than my husband and am almost never really sick. I can't even remember the last time I had the flu or a serious virus. It's not that I run to see my general practitioner the day I feel a strange symptom, but I never wait longer than two or three days. And my way of handling things has -- I believe -- helped me tackle health problems long before they get out of control. I consider this a smart move that saves time and money in the long run.

But some men folks, including Fox News' John Stossel, would argue I'm just another female hypochondriac who deserves to pay more for health insurance because...well, mainly just because I'm a woman and we're all crazy like that, you know.


Stossel and another Fox News host sat down this week to casually chat about how women should pay more for healthcare because we obviously frequent doctors more often than men. Like many debates these days, theirs was inspired by Obamacare, which ends gender rating -- when insurance companies charge women more in premiums because they assume we will benefit from more medical services. 

Well, they're right about one thing. Women over the age of 18 are far more likely than men to turn to a doctor when something's wrong. But unless men have found a way to rid their bodies of every illness imaginable using mind control, they've lost me on how it's a good thing to wait until an infection that could have been treated simply and inexpensively spreads and requires a specialist and three medications to clear up. 

Stossel and Steve Doocy carry on like two proud stallions when they quip about how seldom they see physicians. Instead of being viewed as strong for taking our health in our own hands and seeking preventative measures to ensure we don't get so sick we need to be hospitalized (talk about an expense), women are once again put down in favor of the silly attitude the hosts share that "real" and "tough" men don't carry on about their pain. 

My husband is the type who throws a bag of peas on an earache and calls it a day. He also went years without seeing a dentist, while his nerdy wife goes so often she receives birthday and holiday cards from hers. To make a long story short: I spend $30 a year for a cleaning. He went once after a few years and had to shell out close to $500 for dental work. And his dental issues nearly caused other health problems. Bottom line: preventative visits are smart and save money. 

Do you visit doctors more than men you know? Should women should pay more for health insurance?


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