6 Crazy PMS Cures: Are They Myth or Fact?

headachePMS is terrible. As if your actual period wasn't bad enough, it's preceded by something that at times feels worse than the flu. There's the bloating and the tummy woe in general. There are the headaches and the inexplicable tears. There's all the muscles aches and pain and the fatigue. And dear lord let us not forget the cramping. Oh sweet furry Buddha in heaven -- the cramping!

We all have our tried and true methods when it comes to banishing our various PMS symptoms. Some of these have been passed down from generation to generation for so long that we don't even know their origins anymore. Some are based in hard science; others, well, there's less science involved and more general panic. 


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Cure: Ibuprofen

Myth or Fact: Fact

While other pain-killers might not put a dent in your headache or your cramps, ibuprofen will. That's because it's an anti-inflammatory, which will soothe those contracting muscles wreaking havoc on your insides. 

Cure: A Lot of Exercise

Myth or Fact: Both 

While no one is suggesting that you go run a marathon to cope with your brutal PMS, light exercise can definitely help. The endorphin release caused by exercise will lift your spirits and temporarily relieve some of that pain. But too much exercise and putting yourself in a position where you feel unsafe? Never a good idea. 

Cure: Glass of Wine

Myth or Fact: Myth

As tempting as it is to drown your sorrow in mother vino, alcohol dehydrates the body. This can make your muscle pain and headache even worse. Keeping your body hydrated is important beyond words.

Cure: Caffeine

Myth or Fact: BOTH

Some people report that caffeine alleviates their symptoms of PMS. But long-term caffeinated gals will experience LESS of a serotonin release (the 'cure' effect it brings) the more caffeine they drink over time. So, if you regularly indulge in caffeine, it might not help. 

Cure: Avoid the Cold

Myth or Fact: Myth

This hearkens back from a time where it was believed a menstruating woman had a compromised immune system. While heat definitely feels good on cramp lower-halves, the cold is not going to make your PMS "worse."

Cure: Eating Raw Meat

Myth or Fact: Myth

Dude. Do I really need to write a whole thing about how your blood is different from the blood of an animal? And how you're losing not actual blood but your uterine lining? Don't make me write it. Just put away the steak, okay?

What do you do to combat PMS, do you have any weird 'cures' or tricks?


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