Paralyzed Bridesmaid Stuns Those Who Said She'd Never Walk Again (VIDEO)

mackenzie gordenLast June, 18-year-old Mackenzie Gorden swerved to avoid hitting a deer and her truck rolled into a ditch. The teen was paralyzed in the car crash and was told she may never be able to walk again. But she refused to believe naysayers -- and it sounds like that's why she defied the odds. Mackenzie not only stood on her own two feet again, but walked down the aisle as a bridesmaid in her sister Brittanie's wedding in September. So amazing!

The young woman, who plans to be a nurse, told the Denver Post, "I never accepted that I couldn't walk again. If I don't want to be in the chair, I've got to do something myself to get out of it." And that's exactly what she did.


Using locomotor therapy, which re-creates walking motions by force until the spinal cord learns how to control muscles, she was soon able to stand for 26 seconds. And two months later, the time had risen to five minutes ... With further hard work, she hopes to increase that.

No doubt she will. I absolutely love hearing about Mackenzie's incredible determination and positive attitude. We're never "prescribed" or rarely told we need to search deep within ourselves for either of those, but they're two things that can make or break a speedy recovery.

When I was in a car accident around Mackenzie's age, I was lucky enough to suffer only the loss of my front teeth ... but still, it wasn't easy to contend with. But the gratitude I felt that my life had been saved translated into a very go-with-the-flow, sunny attitude going into my recovery plan. As a result, my docs said they thought I healed up faster and more effectively. Ever since, I've been a big believer in the idea that attitude is almost everything when you're facing a health challenge like this. And there's nothing like being told "never" by a doctor to motivate you to show them!

That said, cheers to Mackenzie! She's truly an inspiration, and I have no doubts that with her gung-ho, optimistic approach and belief in herself, she will reach any prize she sets her eye on -- and then some.

Check out this video Brittanie uploaded to tell her sister's story ...

Do you agree that attitude plays a huge role in recovery?


Image via Brittanie Gordon/YouTube

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