Kate Middleton May Be Under Stress We Can't Even Begin to Imagine

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kate middleton volleyball flat stomachSure, at the big reveal of Prince George, new mama Kate Middleton still had that "mummy tummy" we couldn't stop yakking about. But only weeks later, it seemed like she slimmed down to her pre-pregnancy shape ... and now, it almost seems as if she's gotten even thinner. Just the other day, she showed up to play volleyball and showed off an enviable flat stomach that had women having to pick their jaws up off of floors all over the world.

But as "perfect" as Kate may look to some, there are others who are concerned that the Duchess's recent weight loss may be indicative of the stress associated with new motherhood ... or worse yet, the stress associated with being under intense public scrutiny. Even a psychic, who had a five-year friendship with Princess Diana, is concerned about Kate!

The 57-year-old psychic healer, Simone Simmons, claims she has been communicating with Di during regular “visits” and has been anxious to pass on messages to Kate. I know, it's totally woo-woo and mad-sounding, but Simmons says:

Diana’s been worried about Kate’s weight loss since she had the baby and wants her to start eating properly. She warned that Kate’s too skinny. And she’s told her: "A little bit of what you fancy does you good." She is concerned Kate should not feel pressured by other people and is happy in her own skin.

Aww. Wow, yes, a bit crazy -- and hard to believe that this is coming from Di herself. But even if this is really coming from Simmons, it is advice Kate ought to consider. She does appear to be losing weight quickly. Even if it is truly the result of working out with a trainer and following a meticulous diet, I'm sure she still feels pressured to some extent, and being under that kind of stress can't be healthy.

Especially when we see her getting thinner by the day, it's not that crazy to wonder if she's at risk of falling victim to some of the same issues that plagued Princess Di. Fingers crossed she has the support system around her to prevent that from happening. Because as wacky as this psychic's message sounds, nothing could be truer than Kate -- and every woman -- deserving to feel happy in her own skin.

Do you find Kate's speedy weight loss concerning?

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I think leave this woman's weight alone already! She isn't the first to get thinner after pregnancy nor will she be the last. She wasn't exactly a tub of lard to begin with.

nonmember avatar Meganclark

Am I the only one that gets irritated by the amount of articles on this website calling women too skinny?
I've been tiny my whole life. My weight hasn't been above 95 pounds in years,and I'm 5'6". I'm very thin,and I constantly get bitchy women(only women,NEVER men) criticizing my weight,calling me anorexic,and other nasty comments about my appearance. Why is it okay to bash and pick apart skinny women,but it's (rightfully) totally unacceptable to do the same to overweight women? Why the double standard? It's NOT fair to bash thin women,but then get outraged if that same is done to overweight women. Other people's weight is NONE of our business. People struggle with their weight. Women's weight tends to fluctuate,and it is none of our business. My weight drops quite a bit when I'm stressed or going through a hard time, and the weight loss itself is very stressful to me as well. Women criticizing me at an already rough time,shockingly, doesn't help. So Maressa, try writing a POSITIVE article. Women's weight is a touchy subject,and you picking apart women's appearances is only contributing to the issue.

Wendy Southwell

She looks totally gorgeous!
I lost lots of weight whilst breast feeding my baby...has anyone not thought this is why Kate is so slim.
Just back off and leave this beautiful well adjusted young woman to get over having a baby in her own time and in her own way!!!

Connie Alene Frazier

Kate has always been on the slim side and looked just fine. What is up with this skinny thing I hear all the time? I am 60 yrs old and have never weighted over 135 in my life. I am small framed and always have been. I do not have folds of fat and never will. I am 5'4" AND WEIGH 120 LBS right now. I wear a size 5 and I do not consider myself skinny at all. Healthy and slim and loving it....you rock Kate...

Kathy Welch

Kate is taking care of herself . Wish others would just leave her alone and let her do what she knows is best. I am very happy that she has lost her baby fat and is now back to what she was before Baby George came. Kate doesn't looked stressed at all , in fact she looks radiant and happy. Back off people and let this Mother, Husband and son live happily.

nonmember avatar QueenieBK

What Meganclark said. I have always been thin (5'3", currently 98 pounds but not through choice [new job stress]) and have always been accused of being anorexic/bulimic. I even had someone screan "skinny bitch" at me in my grocery store parking lot. It's called good genetics, eating well, and exercise/yoga. We women can be our own worst enemies, sometimes.

nonmember avatar Maroussia

HRH is handling everything amazingly well.

Any moment she feels pressure she can just see George's face and smile and know she has a wonderful baby and husband and that is more than an entire kingdom. But if Lady Diana was here she might laugh and say: what's mine is hers and then, wait and see what this means. God is great. Amen.

Sue Ferus-Mancuso

It has nothing more to do with a tummy tuck she had! Think about it!

Patty Corns Shotzman

If she is breast feeding believe me she is eating healthy ~~~~ people just love to gossip! :(    Let the woman and her family be !

Francine Huskyluvr

How about you just leave her alone ..... if she has any problems..it's caused by the press !!!! Don't turn her into Dians!!!

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