8 Things Women Say Just Before We Get Pregnant -- Accidentally

birth controlGuess how half of unintended pregnancies happen in America? Derr, I mean, I guess we already know how ALL pregnancies happen. I mean, what's stopping couples from using the protection they need to avoid making babies when they have sex? Apparently a lot of perfectly fertile women believe they can't get pregnant -- for a whole variety of self-deluded, wishful-thinking, totally clueless, and gullible reasons. Spoiler alert: We're usually wrong.

Half of our nation's unintended pregnancies happen to the 10 percent of us who aren't using protection. A survey of 50 women seeking abortions showed that women don't use birth control because they think they are at low risk for pregnancy. And okay, fine, that's a really small sample. But come on, how many of us have friends and family members who truly believed they were sperm-proof until proven otherwise? Hell, some of you may be sheepishly raising your hands as well. Here are a few ways magical thinking can get you knocked up.


Do you know someone who got pregnant when they thought they couldn't -- or did you get pregnant that way?

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