Not Having a 'Thigh Gap' Apparently Makes a Woman a 'Hefty Pig'

robyn lawley'Plus-size' model Robyn LawleySeveral years back, a journalist friend of mine wanted to know what I thought about the "clavicle" trend. She was doing a piece for a major women's magazine on how women were striving to be so thin that their collarbones would jut out. Healthy, right? There's also been a lot of coveting of abs so devoid of fat that you can see the rib cage. Sexy! And now, model Robyn Lawley is drawing our attention to the latest truly sick, "thinspiration" on social media: The "thigh gap."

The plus-size model writes on The Daily Beast that an un-retouched photo of her in lingerie was posted on a Facebook page dedicated to "the space between one's thighs," which this circle feels is something all women should aspire to have. And the page's followers proceeded to rip Robyn as "hefty" and a "PIG," because apparently, her thigh gap was not big enough.

What ... the ...?!?


As shocking and horrifying as it may sound at first blush, this is nothing new. Robyn points out that she's been aware of women's aspirations to have a "thigh gap" since she was 12. So have I.

Being a chubby tween and overweight teen (who had no idea yet that her struggles on the scale were linked to various genetic, hormonal issues), I had an epiphany around fifth grade that maybe I shouldn't be wearing shorts like the other kids. I remember being called "thunder thighs." A lot. And to this day, my mom will say that I have my paternal grandmother's pear shape -- which means liposuction may be my only recourse for my unapologetically touching thighs!

But somewhere along the line, I threw in the towel on worrying about it. Today, I'm elated by the fact that my thighs and glutes are more toned and tighter than ever thanks to my fitness regimen, but does that mean they're tiny and don't touch? Hell no! I agree with Robyn, who writes that she wants her thighs "to be bigger and stronger." She wants to "run faster and swim longer." Hey, she's not the first to say it. I've always loved the Shakira lyric that goes, "Lucky I have strong legs like my mother/To run for cover when I need it!"

THAT is what we need to be aspiring to and telling our daughters and our sisters and our friends is beautiful. I don't know about you, but ensuring the biggest muscles in our body are lean, strong, and capable -- which by the way, burns more fat! -- is a thousand times sexier than having some asinine "thigh gap"!

How do you feel about this harmful "thigh gap" trend?

Image via Stephen Lovekin/Getty

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