The 1 Thing All Smokers Should Know if They REALLY Want to Quit

cigarettesOh Mondays. How I loathe you. Every week, you mark the beginning of another five days between me and the weekend. But I guess you can't be all that bad. Because apparently people around the U.S. like to use you as a new start. According to new research, Mondays are the day that the most people Google "quit smoking help." Does that mean Monday is the best day to quit smoking? According to officials, it just may be. Why's that? Well -- picking a landmark day as a fresh start after a tough weekend makes all the difference. That day? Yup -- hellooooooo Monday.

And get this: calls to smokers' quit lines and visits to, the government's anti-smoking website, peak on Mondays too. Seems like if you're looking for a little support, you can find it in fellow wannabe quitters on, you guessed it, Mondays.

So what else should smokers who want to quit know? Well, check out these 6 other myths about quitting smoking.


Myth: I've smoked forever so there's no point in stopping now
Yes, the damage caused by smoking is cumulative. However, the second you put down the cancer sticks is the second you better your health. In fact -- smokers who quit before age 35 avoid 90 percent of death risk.

Fact: Quitting smoking may make me gain weight
I hate to say this, but it's true. Smokers do gain weight after they stop based on how dependent they were on nicotine. In a Japanese study, those patients that were most dependent experienced about 2.5-pound average weight gain. But there's the catch -- 2.5 pounds is NOTHING. And at the end of the day, it's probably healthier to carry around a few extra pounds than intake those toxins.

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Myth: Smoking just a few each day is fine
As long as you're a smoker you're exposing yourself to the cancer-causing agents. Three cigarettes or 20 cigarettes, it's all bad.

Smoking_Quitting_FactsFact: You'll breathe easier after three weeks without smoking
According to the American Heart Association, your circulation and lung function improves after three weeks cigarette-free. My guess? Probably the best breathe of fresh air you've had in years.

Myth: Quitting costs a lot of money
NOT compared to the money that smokers are spending on packs upon packs of cigarettes. I'm pretty sure the last time I looked at my local bodega, cigarettes were $13 a pack. Sure, quitting aids like patches, medications, and different gums aren't cheap -- but neither is the habit to begin with.

Have you or has someone you know experienced difficulty quitting smoking?


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