8 Things Women Really Think About While They Are Working Out (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Oct 25, 2013 Healthy Living

Woman working outOn any given Saturday morning, there are about a zillion other things that most of us would rather do than go to the gym, go for a run, or attempt any other sort of physical activity. But alas, so many of us lace up those sneakers, slip into a pair of spandex, throw on a sports bra, and do the damn thing. Why? Well, because we feel like we're supposed to.

But just because women everywhere are working out doesn't mean that their mind is on the task at hand. Heck, I'd bet you a nice chunk of change that 99 prcent of the time, most gym-goers heads are up in the clouds.

Thus I present you with what women are REALLY thinking about working out. Mhmm, you're welcome.

What would you rather be doing when you're working out? Do you find yourself sidetracked at the gym?


Image via Steve Hix/ Somos Images/ Corbis