Man Who Reads Minds Shows the Super Easy Way You Can Do It Too (VIDEO)

It would be pretty awesome to be able to READ people's minds, wouldn't it? Oh MY. It's suPOST to be a magic trick. So think of a phrase right now. Yep, go ahead do it. Ready? Okay. You were thinking:


If you were thinking that, GIVE ME some props! Reading minds is A valuable tool. You could really RAISE some serious trouble with it too. That said, what are you thinking right now? Let me guess ...


Yeah? Did I hit it? Hey, I learned it all from a dude named Nick Kolenda. And he can teach you how to do it too.


Nick took to Chatroulette to show off his shocking ability to read the minds of unsuspecting Internet strangers. Watch how he does it and then let's dish:


Nuts, right? All the guy does is drop certain words and images into your brain, and brain just sucks it up like a sponge! This is a trick that the advertising world has been onto for eons so it's not surprising that Nick, who calls himself a "mind reader," has a degree in marketing.

Get good at this and imagine the things you could do. Get a girl into bed. Get a boss to promote you. Get someone to hand over their life savings. Get your husband to vacuum.

Okay, maybe they wouldn't do any of those things, they'd just think about them. But still, if they think about them enough ... there's a chance!

The subconscious is a very powerful force and can basically rule your life. Be careful that what enters your mind isn't what you automatically find yourself doing.

On the other hand, subliminal cues like this could work to your advantage too. Instead of routinely telling yourself that you are ugly, stupid, or incompetent, try running thoughts like "I am so attractive!" or "Everybody loves me! or "I can do this job!" in your head to build up your self-esteem. (Just don't get too crazy with it because we don't need you turning into a raving narcissist.)

Try this trick on someone and let us know how it goes! Scary shit.

Do you think that this would work if you tried it on someone? Do you think you'd pick up on it if someone was doing it to you?


Image via Colin Anderson/Corbis

Image via Nick Kolenda/YouTube

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