Women Are Actually Happier in a Size Much Bigger Than 6

woman looking at jeansYet more research is telling women what size we're all probably most comfortable and happiest wearing. This time around, it's a size 16 U.K. aka size 14 U.S. According to the questionable study of 2,000 women was commissioned by So Fabulous for Littlewoods.com -- a U.K. plus-sized brand, so already we know findings are not exactly unbiased -- 74 percent of women who wear a size 14 are happy at that size, versus only 42 percent of women who wear a size 4 U.S. or size 6 U.K. Suuuure.

While I'm psyched for these U.K. size 16 women who are so happy and "comfortable" at that size, I don't buy for a moment that this is reflective of how most women everywhere feel. Because not all women's bodies are at their best at one particular size! Whoa, wake-up call!


I've been both a size 16 and size 6 in my 30 years. At a 16, I felt out of control, unhealthy, depressed that I couldn't find clothes that looked flattering or I felt comfortable in. I also felt like I was lightyears away from what my body should've looked like. That was more than a decade ago. Since learning how to eat right and committing to regular exercise, I'm closer to being the most comfortable in my skin I've ever been. And for me, that comfort level comes in at around a size 6.

At the same time, of course there are women out there who are happiest and healthiest at a 16! Size is NEVER reflective of how healthy you are! And it's also completely unique.

All you have to do is look at MyBodyGallery.com, which shows what real women look like at various heights, weights, and sizes, to see that we all wear clothes differently. We're all comfortable and feel good about ourselves at different sizes. We should always be striving to find our own personal healthiest, happy place. The idea of that there's such a thing as a one size fits all for that is ludicrous.

How much stock do you put in your size?

Image via Sean Malyon/Corbis

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