5 Healthy Changes to Jumpstart Weight Loss

weight loss tipsIn the roller coaster that is a healthy lifestyle, it's much easier to fall off the ride than it is to slip out at your local Six Flags. Day in and day out, there are zillions of unhealthy distractions. And this time of year especially, Halloween candy -- EVERYWHERE. So what's a woman who wants to get healthy and active to do? Well, do it.

I know, I know. It isn't that easy. But if you really want this, you can make small changes to get back on the horse, so to speak. I promise! Check out these 5 small changes that will make getting healthy easier. Here, let's dish.


1. Get to the gym: You don’t have to go out there and run six miles. Heck -- you don’t have to go out and take an hour-long CrossFit class, either. What matters is you’re stepping foot into the exercise hell hole (as it may feel) for the first time in only God knows how long. Once you’re back in the space, take things easy to start.

2. Walk more: This is an easy one. There's absolutely no reason why you can't walk a little extra more each day. And believe you me, those extra steps may not exactly make you shed zillions of pounds instantaneously, but they'll make you feel better. I promise.

3. Fill up on fruits and vegetables: It's just as easy to keep fruits and vegetables desk-side as a snack as it is to keep all those boxes of cookies (and the king-size bag of Snickers). The excuse "but this one's rotten!" only applies after you've ignored the fruit for a week for your Snickers. Give the Snickers that are left to someone else.

4. Skip the scale: The last thing you need to stress about when you're getting back on the healthy horse is that the pounds aren't coming off fast enough. Be proud of yourself for committing to change, and be happy that you're sticking to it. Don't let numbers get you down.

5. Talk about it: Whether it's a friend, coworker, or family member -- talking about losing your bad habits is a GOOD thing because it holds you accountable. With that said, don't be too hard on yourself if you slip up. This is just the beginning. All you can do is try your best to fix your mistakes and move forward.

What do you do when you're discouraged about the way you've been eating? Are you more likely to take action or keep making bad choices?


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