Jenelle Evans Shouldn't Have to Explain Her 'Fat' Photo

jenelle evansWhen it comes to selfies, the stars of MTV's Teen Mom have no shame in a little self-indulgence (duck face may or may not be required). That Jenelle Evans, for instance, is a HUGE fan of the selfie. Heck, I start to feel a little weird myself if more than three days go by and there's not some sort of image of Jenelle glaring at the camera scrolling through my Instagram feed.

Which is why I'm getting a little worried today that the self-love feed might stop after one-too-many of her fans critiqued Jenelle's tummy in a photo she posted from her weekend in Philadelphia. Wearing a skintight red dress, Twitter users accused her of having a bun in the oven. Jenelle denied pregnancy rumors and instead joked, "yeah, sorry I'm a little fat. Damn shoot me ..."

Fat? Wow. I'd hardly call this lady to the right a chubster. Sure, people love to speculate. But calling that (right) fat is why so many girls have eating problems to begin with. Fat shaming, it gets us all nowhere.


Granted, Jenelle is a D-list celebrity and given that she has a zillion followers, she's definitely opened herself up to some criticism. With that said, though, calling someone her size "fat" and accusing her of being "pregnant" is everything that is wrong with the way we all define "skinny" today.

Sure, we've all seen those Dove campaign ads embracing women with curves as beautiful, but is that really how society sees beauty? Or is it more normal for women today to look at a photo with a teeny itty bitty stomach and critique it? Why when a woman isn't stick thin do so many people feel the need to rag on her? It's not right. It's not fair. And heck, at least I for one definitely know I'm in NO place to call her fat.

Oh Jenelle, don't listen to the haters. Whether or not you and I see eye to eye on, well, anything -- I think we can both agree that you're NOT fat. Nowhere near it, in fact. As long as you're happy with what you've got, that's really all that matters.

Would you classify Jenelle as fat?


Image via PBandJenelley_1/Twitter

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