Dieters Who Keep Eating Chocolate Might Lose More Weight

chocolateAre you one of those people that are convinced that you have to rule out certain foods completely if you want to shed weight? Well, maybe it's time to rethink that strategy. According to data from a British weight loss community, of the people who lost 10 percent of their body weight using the online tool, 91 percent of them continued to eat chocolate as part of their diet. Chocolate. As in the thing you probably think is a HELL NO when it comes to weight loss.

This makes me ecstatic because I'm a questionable chocoholic. But just wait, it gets even better. Turns out, it's not JUST chocolate that dieters can keep eating. In fact, there's scientific proof that if someone who's looking to shed pounds completely cuts something out of their diet, they're more likely to overeat it when they do encounter it. Yes, eliminating foods entirely is a bad idea.

Translation: If you want to lose weight, reach for the chips, cookies, and peanut butter cups. Well -- in moderation, of course.


See there -- that's the catch. It's not like any dieter can just go out to their local grocery store, stock up on a pile of Milky Ways, and expect to shed major pounds while consuming four king-size bars each day. No, that's not realistic. It is realistic, though, to allow yourself a fun-size after a day of good eating. That is what moderation is all about.

Say, for example, if chocolate isn't your thing and you're more of a frozen yogurt gal, then go ahead and pick one day a week where you indulge in a small cone. Allowing yourself these treats (whether they're sweet or not) is all part of continuing to LIVE life without restrictions. I mean, sure, you're restricting yourself from downing the king-size bar, but you're still allowed to have some. That's what dieting is all about: making your eating choices part of your lifestyle instead of letting them define you.

And although I firmly believe you can have anything in moderation (hey, that's the mantra that helped me lose 70 pounds) -- chocolate lovers take note: studies point to the notion that dark chocolate can actually help you drop pounds by curving salt cravings or other diet-wreckers. Mmmm, losing weight has never tasted so good!

What things do you treat yourself to when you're trying to lose weight?


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