Snooki's Hot 'DWTS' Routine Shows Just How Far She's Come (VIDEO)

snooki dwtsBritney Spears' "Work Bitch" might be a less conventional choice of music for a ballroom dance competition, but crazier songs have been used on Dancing with the Stars. For Snooki's jazz routine last night, it was the PERFECT pick. Not because the track's a nod to her fist-pumping Shore days ... but because it encompasses what she's all about these days.

Sure, the track's title makes it sound like a stereotypical club banger about getting your groove on the dance floor, but if you listen to the lyrics, it's actually about doing the "work" it takes to make your dreams come true. You want a hot body? You want to look good in a bikini? You better "work, bitch."


The hot mama has been working it like nobody's business for quite a while now -- hitting the gym with personal trainer Anthony, doing intense CrossFit style workouts, and obviously, taking it all to the next level by joining this current cast of DWTS. Thanks to her rockin' transformation and commitment to a healthy lifestyle, the fit reality star is practically "Work Bitch" personified!

And as a result, she KILLED it on the dance floor last night! There was nothing about her performance that wasn't energized, vibrant, enthusiastic, or even technically off. No wonder she scored 27 in all! All of that working it obviously pays off in spades.

Here's her awesome performance with partner Sasha Farber if you missed it last night:

Do you think Snooki's song choice reflects her own attitude about fitness?


Image via ABC

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