Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Secret Weapon for Getting in Even Sexier Shape

kim kardashian kanye westKim Kardashian has been looking amazing, making it hard for critics to squawk about her post-baby slimdown. And now, even more reason for them to hush up: She was spied hitting up a bootcamp class at 6:30 a.m. at Barry's Bootcamp in L.A. -- along with Kanye!

Although Kim's been known to drop in on the class occasionally, this was only the second time for her baby daddy. "It was super early and a grueling workout, [but] the couple was all smiles, showing affection toward each other and being very encouraging," a source tells Us. Aww! So cute. And also a good sign that Kim means business!


I'm sure Kim is encouraging her honey to work on his own fitness, but I also wouldn't be surprised if she's looking for a little extra support and encouragement to work on hers. Nothing wrong with that! 

While there are couples who would prefer to stick to their own, individual, solo time regimens at the gym, there are awesome benefits to working out together -- even just occasionally. Not only does it mean getting those endorphins flowing at the same time, but it adds another level of motivation. Who wouldn't want their biggest supporter by their side while they're taking on a hardcore spinning class or kickbutt Crossfit session?

Okay, personally, I can't see my husband and I working out together, mostly because we enjoy different activities (me: barre and Bollywood dance classes, him: running and hockey!). But we still feel supported and encouraged by one another. And having that from your partner -- whether they're taking the same bootcamp class or not -- is imperative when you're trying to reach any health goal.

Hence even more reason I can see Kim meeting and surpassing hers sooner rather than later.

What do you think about Kanye and Kim's couples workout? Do you like to workout with your partner or do you motivate one another in different ways?


Image via TGB/Splash News

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